Welcome to the BrainTap’s Affiliate Program!

Hey All

Thanks for your interest in BrainTap’s Affiliate Program. We are fairly new to the affiliate scene (Feb 2020), but our first efforts have gotten GREAT opt in rates and amazing EPC’s and EPL’s.

BrainTap in an APP, available on Android and Apple. We like to call it Brain Entrainment. It helps with meditation, yes, but it does so much more.

Our favorite method of engagement is fun and informative webinars, hosted by the very genial Irishman, Trevor King. He gives an educational presentation to your followers of what BrainTap can potentially do for them, which usually last around 45 minutes. That is followed by a LIVE Q&A with the inventor himself, Dr Patrick Porter.

Although not our preference, it is also possible to offer you affiliate links directed to our sales funnels.

We are very much a win/win organisation and would love to hear any suggestions you may have. So we’d be delighted if you would join us as an affiliate and let us help a lot of people together.